Cobham Tree Surgery

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Welcome to the Cobham Tree Surgery Ltd website.

We have been trading in the local area for over 10 years and have earned a very good reputation through the quality of our work. We take pride in offering a reliable service, if we schedule a date for your tree work you can rest assured that we will be there.

Most of our work is domestic but we do have a number of commercial customers and regular contract work.

Our staff were CRB checked (when we became a member of the KCC Trading Standards 'Buy With Confidence' scheme) which allows us to carry out work for schools and other public sector organisations. The KCC trading standards 'buy with confidence' scheme has since been sold off to 'Check a trader' and we have chosen not to renew our membership as we do not feel it has the same credibility as the original trading standards scheme.

We hold £5 million Public Liability Insurance, a copy of which can be supplied on request.

We make every effort to recycle as much waste as possible, our woodchip is used as mulch by Valley Arch Pick Your Own Farm in Southfleet and our logs are used as wood fuel.

We cover all aspects of tree surgery:

Crown reduction: Simply reduces the size of the tree by pruning back each branch to an appropriate point, most trees can be reduced in this way. Certain trees should only be reduced by small amounts whereas some trees can be drastically reduced. It is important to understand how much your tree can be reduced by and at what time of year the work should be carried out.

Crown lift: This involves removing low branches from a tree which gives the effect of lifting the canopy. This is often done to remove branches overhanging roads or in order to improve the light beneath the tree to encourage the growth of grass / shrubs / flowers.

Crown thin: This involves the removal of certain branches within the crown (ideally branches that are damaged or crossed over each other) it allows a little more light through the canopy and also reduces the wind resistance of the tree which can help reduce the chance of wind damage.

Pollarding: A more extreme type of tree management that generally involves the removal of all branches leaving only the main trunk, this is not suitable for all trees and is generally only recommended if a crown reduction will not give the required result. Once a tree has been Pollarded it is important that it be monitored as decay can form where the old branches were removed which can cause the new growth to become unstable. We would generally recommend re-pollarding approx every 5 - 10 years depending on the type of tree.

Dead-wooding / Crown cleaning: This is the removal of dead or damaged branches from the tree, it is important to remove any significant dead wood from trees as it could fall and cause damage or injury.

Tree removal: It is of course best to avoid unnecessarily removing trees but sometimes it is the only option, we have the tools and the knowhow to remove any tree regardless of its size, condition or location.

Hedge trimming: If you have a hedge that needs reducing even if it just needs a tidy up we can take care of it.

Please see our photo gallery for examples of our work and customer testimonials.